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Saturday, April 11, 2009

::one can be too lazy to care::

Never mind about the title, IM BACK!!! After pretty received thousands of complaints of my long-gone-thinking-never-to-update-my-blog period, I finally, i repeat finally come back. BUT, like that doesnt mean it'll be a regular thing. Cuz im way too busy and yes too lazy to care for my blog, practice practice, read read, assigments, assignments, presentation presentation, test test, quiz quiz and finally finals finals finals. Oh and erm, I take forever to update my blog. I rather update to you on MSN if u asked how am i going, like seriously, for real!

Well, so far I've some of my final exam paper like moral, aural and two listening exams ( world and m'sia music) @.@ and i still have 3 more to go. Wtf, another sleepless nights of studying D: After that we're all gonna celebrate for end of the semester and for the short break but unfortunately not looking forward for the next semester.

Sigh, why?

Cuz starting from May to Aug(aka my last sem for foundation), i have incoming 3 freaking BIG exams to sit, my cello practical, my ELECTONE and my uni Piano Jury!! Oh not to forget, my recital DDDD: How i wish i have lesser credits than 14, however i have no choice @@. Ironically, why must i do other subjects that has nothing , completely zero related to my music studies!? Why must they put such requirements? It's wasting my time and money. Fine I did learn something but in the end, wht that has got to do with my music? ZERO!!! =.=


Well my choir concert had ended well, everyone seemed to love our last song for the event, "Dubula" and yesterday Joint Orchestra with UPM was quite dissapointing cuz my friends and I heard alot of microtone which must be coming from the Second Violin -.- U can really hear the difference, it's like they're playing minor 2nd. Im sorry for being harsh but really it spoilt the piece literally even from the begining where the piece was played -Beethoven Piano Concerto in C Maj, op.15. Aiyaiyai... but the conductors were good =) Lucky thing the last piece that they played , The Magnificent Seven by Bernstein was a well done where it's really syncronized and u can tell the conductor loves it very much. So did we~


Ok so that was recent, and yea that's all i can really say. Well, i seriously dunno what to add. sorry no pics added. Yea yea it's getting really dull in here~ X.X I hope i 'll get the time to upate again lolx



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