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Monday, December 15, 2008

.:Blasting Time:.

Mood : Happy
Weather : Happy
Time: 11.45pm
Listening to : This One Day (god rest ye, merry gentlemen) version by Jabeh xD

Hola, how's everyone? =D I wonder if anyone is still reading my blog ... xD anyway i went to mid valley with my mum and my 2 good buddies =D tht's right they are Jabeh and Jabehheh :DDD lolx

Had a blast time =) I have nothing much to say..just a walk around, lunching at mcD and kept walking ==" enjoy the pics... *scratch scratch*

::fishie~~ xD::

::not bad deco..they have a photoshoot with the santa (which u need to pay) but by the time we went there, santa went out for lunch... hohohohhoho::

::yummmmaaayyyy :D::

::the angry santa ):O::
That's all about it.. jeezus creeppss,, im getting weak in blogging T_T

So ANY PLANS FOR X'MAS!!?? Cuz i need one... :|


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