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Sunday, December 21, 2008

::more than once::

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Good lord grief today is actually the Winter Solstice. Unfortunately , my mum went out for class, dad's oustation, bro's got event, me practically nothing to do. But all that doesnt matter...however, not being to eat your favourite dish during your favourite season DOES MATTER ALOT!!

back to topic, just wanna share some mini things happened to me.

One is im really really beginning to fall in love with guitar. They're something about them. It always made me calm whenever i hear my uni friends practicing outside the sitting area. Doesn't matter whether it's bad or not, it's just calm. My good friend i've met in uni, Zu, she's majoring classical guitar in degree. Everytime whenever i saw her, i just have to sit beside her listening to her practicing with her guitar. It's so soothing.. just right. It makes me forget all the stress i had for that moment. Well, i dont mean those typical singing while playing ur guitar, i mean sure tht's nice, but this is just pure playing a piece without words. Those classical piece? i dunno. It's different from what i've heard of many guitarist out there. Something new for me x)

Secondly, i've just finished watching an international winning oscar movie called 'Once', recommended by my friend,Al. I've came across to this movie once but ive never actually read the synopsis till my friend told me to watch it. And did i bought for 19.90bucks, watched and immediately fell in love with all the songs in the movie. Directed by John Carney, it sounds like modern musical but it doesnt look like one, i nearly thought it was actually a real life documentary O.O blahdey hell, i was fooled!!! British people are just good with music arent they? Now im planning to do a song cover from one of the song in the movie. But i have a reminder, oscar movie can be pretty dull and boring. This movie is like 40% talking(quite vulgar though), 60% singing (self composed by the actual leading actor, Glen Hansard actually). And blahdeh hell he plays guitar!!! Hell man, this movie is really a killer and worth watching many time. Indeed they won the best world cinema audience award and I couldnt agree more. So if you love music in a modern musical way wtf, and if u wanna know wht im actually babbling about, go by ur nearest Speedy cd outlet and find the dvd.

P/s- if you hate it, dont blame me for wasting your money!!!!!!!! Just my review.. 11/10!

Moving on, im beginning to love composing more, but i just suck at words big time!! There's alot of idea i wanna jot down but it's always halfway bcuz if i wanna end it, i cant do it, it turns out never satisfying. hahaah weirdo me. Ahah!!! Im training myself to play the moonlight sanata movement 3 by Beethoven lolx I suck at classical songs knowledge man, it's only when i love the piece i'll ask people who's the composer and wht's the song name. lolx Kinda embarrassing though cuz there's one person will go "OMG, you dunno wht's this song and who's composer and u're learning music!!??"

D: i really dunno mah. Nabeh, i learn electone and the songs i played for all these 13 years are contemporary one okay? at least better than not knowing anythinnnnng at all.

Don't make me hear you ask me the same thing like what's the song or composer for these jazz,bossa,blues song. Otherwise, i'll slaugther back just like how you did once.

Oh ya, i felt so much proud to be a cellist.

Yea that's it. It's. Just. Fun. =).

ok so....

X'mas is just 4 days away. Will my xmas wishes granted? Well it's impossible cuz it's all about hardwork. I 'll just pray for luck and success. =)

What's my wishes? nothing really, just wanna successful and still have a great in touch with my friends and family.
So tomorrow i'll be attending my friend's bday!! Hahaaa lovin gathering ^^ Keeps good ole friends together from secondary school =)

Cant wait for tuesday too, PK!!! xDD

Take care everyone!

Man, hope u guys dint get bored :__:

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