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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Mode : Happy :D
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Time : 11.38pm
Listening to : Stay by Estrella

Sorry for the late post, i know i'll be crown as the princess of procrastination but what the heck? im dead lazy these days. So many news flew in and out till i dont bother to touch the labtop. Well anyway, this happened on the 17th. Alvin, Karen , Darwin and I were in Tracy's condo rocking the place downlike nobody's business becuz it's her birthday but also we celebrated for Darwin xD We played crazy games especially Time's Up. Nabeh, it's like they are many cards that have words and u guys are divides as groups and then when it's your turn, u pick a card and u have to explain to ur teammate what's the word in your card. For example, bird. You have to explain or do some action but becareful never to mention out the answer lolx

It's cracking man, i tell ya. Some of the words, we are so lost cuz we have no idea how to explain.

.:yea tracy and darwin were busy so only 3 of us camwhored lolx:.

.:finally the bday cake taddaaaa~:.

.:the lovely dovey couple :D :.

And so that was it, after dinner we all went back with unforgettable memories =)


Happy Bday Tracy and Darwin(on x'mas say) !!
Many happy returns!!!




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