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Saturday, February 24, 2007

.:Leaving wonderful trace behind:.

For two weeks i suppose that Shari with her african-chinese boyfriend, Leroy on their visit to M'sia, S'pore, Cambodia,, lalala.. and then back to m'sia to aus~, hehhee,, You can have a thought of her being a 'Big spender'>D hell yeah, why not? She's a Australian now ^^, the currency here are like twice cheaper for her,, ^___^ aus, whaddya think? lolx.So yea,, that wasnt exactly my point here. Couple of years i havent seen her,, no doubt she's still seem to be in a good heart ^^ never change~! *peace*

Firstly we met up in Mid Valley which i'd forgotten the date.. ==" On forward to fill our stomach with her and her boyfriend with my bro and my mum to the Noodle Restaurant though it was our second choice but since we wanted to pick Kim Gary at the first place but yea,, swamp by lots of people. "LOTS" so then, skip the ordering cuz i'd forgotten wht they'd ordered as well as mine ^__^ lolx.. all i remember was the milk tea i drank and thats it..lolx~ after that it was then we got our face on the camera ~ten-ten-ten~ ^__^

.:Leroy and Shari:.

.:Shari and i:.

.:Leroy, Shairi , mua and my mum:.

.:Bro, Shari, mua and my mum:.



On ther last day on vacation, a farewell party was held at Station One, opposite of Leisure Mall ^__^,, unfortunately this time wasnt that much people compare to the past cuz she dint book the seats in advance and texing her friends abt it and it's up to them whether they wanna turn up ^__^. At the end,, i think there're less than 20 people. ><>

So we cracked jokes but we havent leave. And yes, our jokes were mainly abt the 'chip-less credit card' ^___^ so finally,, after all the stomach pains i laughed,, my bro and i finally bid the last goodbye to Shari and Leroy and the rest of the people. A safe flight and precious moment T___T I miss you, shari and it's fun to meet you, Leroy ^__^ lolx~!!!


Sunday, February 18, 2007

.:Mama,Tanjobi wa Omedetto:.

Im rushing here,, so some description with the pics on ~!! ^^ sorry,, cuz insufficient time and CNY celebration is going on,, too many to write and i dunno which to start on ~~

Sunday, 11/2/07. 13:30

Pantai Seafood Restaurant,
Sg kayu ara, PJ.
Not just for fun, since my mum's bday is drawing near on the 14th feb(wed) so my dad took us to treat her lunch with her favourite food= "see foot" lolx~!!

Here it is.. >

.:Fresh cooling coconut,, oh yes~!! that's so mine ^__^:.

Here's me with coconut saya~XD This
s actually the second i came to this restaurant, it's well-known for their seafood= crab~ lolx oh yeah baby,,

.: =( my bro stole my coconut.. wuhuhuhu.... :.

And there,, the two lovely couples~~ awwww... lolx

First thing first, each one of us got a small plate of abalone~!!=D goodies,,~!!

yes yes yes,, im goin way too fast,, but seriously i have nothing to add in between.. but JUST this moment.. when it comes to...>>>> jeng jeng jeng!!

.: !!!!!!SNOW CRAB!!!!!! :.

Im telling you, that thing is heaven!! Especially the sauce,, YUMMMY~!! hell yeah, you can picture it out how i ate that time.. lolx.. you know,, it wouldnt be delicious to you just because of this pic,, but nah~ That was before,, check it for "after">>

Hey, this aint no joke,, the crab was insanse and the sauce.. lo,x whaddya know?? I finished it.. only me~!!! >) muahahaha,, just that i wanna ask the waiter.. "waiter, could refill this sauce please but without the crab?" lolx~!!

And the vegetable and the prawns as well the mee.. lalala,, whtever it is,, when the snow crab is on my dish, those two other dish doesnt seem visible to me after all lolx!!

And here's the best,, we were eating the prawns, and by the time when it had left two of them,,, surprsinly,, i was rranged in a love heart shape.~!! IM tellinng you , no joke~!! We dint arrange it~!! We swear !!

And here it comes the bill~ lolx.. And thats all folks,, tata~!!



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