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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Yea sure, it was moral paper. Well, it wasn't as easy as you think. 1 word-unpredictable. *sigh* whatever, this is not what I'm gonna blab about. So after the paper, most of the students changed their clothes-obviously, they were heading to somewhere. Yea, i was one of them xD Trace, Nicole and I went to check 1U.. cuz,, to us, we sorta dint go to tht place for a loooong time so we wanna survey the whole place.

Erm, I din't take much pics here cuz im beginning not to like my camera. I hate it when it comes to taking pics with colours. I prefer using in back and white. Gosh, i want a new camera TT.

First, we had our tepanyaki lunch in the food court (the food sucks) ==". Later, we started walking until we bumped across to a promotion fair-Jacob's biscuit. Those crispy bite which is best to serve with milk xD. The best thing, they even stacked the biscuits in a building model and im telling ya'- it's effing COOL~

.:Paris:. (remember, it's cookies ^^)

.:London Bridge and Pyramid:.

.:Our very own-Petronas Twin Towers:.

.:Taj Mahal:.

.:The Great Wall:.
So then, after we kept walking and walking and we stopped by at the Forever 21 boutique shop. Tracy and Nicole were having fun trying out some clothes..blablabla.. then to The MPH of course, The Art Attack and then Starbucks~! yeap, it's tea time. Tracy and I had a vanilla cream frappucino while Nicole had a slice of something cheese cake..

And whaddya know? I actually met Raven ^^!!!! Well, actually I saw her face while I was walking to Starbucks but I wasn't sure so i SMSed her and my prediction was accurate.. yay~ such a coincidence. She was with her friends and joined us in Starbucks too and chatted. weee ~xDD I really cant believe I met her.

.:Me and Hot Gothic Raven x) (U guys would never know wht's her age ^___^)

Then at last, we went back and slept like a log cuz our feets hurt after hours of walking..@@
Well, I think that's all folks~ ^^


Dang! seeing all my friends blogging about their bittersweet memories with their friends. I wanted to follow,, but all my pics are gone. arghhhhhhhhhh... guess i have to dig out some pics then which i've posted them here b4.



Sunday, November 25, 2007


Darn, i thought my laptop had a small corrupted file so didn't realise it was such a big problem to me. I mean, at first it was okay i thought, it needed a password or something. Btw, the corrupted file is actually Windows ==" yea,, it sucks. The whole file was corrupted and then the next thing i knew, i couldn't switch on the laptop. I was starting to get panic like OMG!!!!!!!

So i passed it to my dad to let his colleague to fix, of course free of charge.

Then the problem was fix, how wonderful-REFORMATED!!!?? WTF!!???


Gone, everything gone. Ok fine,some of pics i already save it in a disc but the "BEST" part is i had the pics of the last day of school and it's gone!!! I don't have any copy now. It was so long ago that i've already deleted the pics from my camera and i was about to blog about that. Man!!! This SUCKS!!! People, you may start screaming at me...



Sunday, November 11, 2007

.:in the end... :.

So everyone knows the end is near as we're hours away from sitting our final exam in high school-SPM. No, im not trying to scare ppl. Im also scared ok? but wht im trying to say here is that the last thing we can do at the end of the day is to give urself one minute and close ur eyes while crossing ur both hands and pray.. yes..just pray....for success, wishing you'll be able to answer the ques and stuff,, to ur own God =)

*pics from deviantart.com*

I hope this song can at least cheer you up or calm u down, i dunno. I hope it works.. xD

and last but not least, Su Lee!!!!
God bless you and again all the best in ur upcomin SPM!!
Hopefully you'll pass with full A's =D ok, WOMAN!?? xDDD



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Saturday, November 3, 2007

.:Motorola ROKR and BANG!:.

Guys, chill out! I know SPM is around the corner but sometimes you just need a break. Maybe a short one. And i have something to entertain you guys for a less than 3 mins. Yup that's right. It's an ad of a promoting the Motorola ROKR and the ad is acted by Indians. YOU GUYS HAVE TO WATCH IT!!!!! IT'S FUNNY!! ^__^

Wait there's MORE!!
Well, this is another ad of promoting XBOX 360.. but they banned it cuz somehow, it's rather influential or "violence" i dunno la.. to me, i find it cute and funny. Seriously, there are no flashing red bloods in this ad. It's rather hilarious. ENJOY!!!!! ^^

So, i guess that's it. I hope you guys enjoyed though =) Anyway, ALL THE BEST IN UR SPM GUYS!!!! GAMBATE!!!!!!!!!