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.:simplicity to extreme is all my style:. *peace*

Saturday, April 21, 2007

.:get the party started on the saturday night:.

Pink-Get the party started.
"Im.... coming up, so you better get the party started. Im coming up, Im coming."

Yes, a 17th bday party was held last saturday night at Jesslyn's 3 storey bangalow @@ *drools* wht a house. She's damn ONE lucky girl ^^ haha.
Im sure you get the whole set of the word "party"and the rest of it so shall we just get started ?

Well then, let the pics BEGIN! Note that some of the pics are quite blur. Sorry ^^''

.:Went to tracy's place first:.

.:my fav pic:.

.:The evil twins >):.

.:the present which alvin,karen,tracy and i shared for Jess's bday. Hope you love it, Jess!:.

.:Next stop-Karen's house:.
.:Karen was decorating the bday card:.

.: and So was i ^^:.

.:Off the three of us to Jess's house:.


Jess's House






















.:YAY!!!!!!, we took a pic with avril!! YIPEE!!:.
.:Cant believe she came for Jess's bday party!! >( Im jealous!!:.

.:*drools* AVRIL !! WE LOVE YOU!!!:.

.:The bday girl, Jesslyn *hugs*:.

.:We're both Avril's DIEHARD FANS!! >D:.

.:PAO PAO and i ^^:.

.:Pao pao is falling down, falling down, falling down ^^:.

.:mua and sze lin XD:.

.:Karen and Tracy >< :.
.:The evil twins grinned again:.lol

.:Tracy, Karen and I:.

.:caught a pic of karen with su lee ><.. hehe i was actually testing my camera:.
.:These toys are mine! Mine! MIne!! MINe!!! MINE!!! ALL MINE!!!! WAAHAHHAH:.

.:My best friend!!!!! ^____^:.

.:I actually love this pic but somehow su lee's head moved.. Stupid sensitive camera, you're just jealous, arent you? >(:.

.:The gang with Jess, the bday gurl ><:.

.:The gang again with Jess lolx ><:.

.:Wen and mua^^:.

.:Su lee and jess:.

.:Nicholas, Jess and Simon-the two fearless bodyguards of Jesslyn ^^ ahahaa:.

.:I call her lil Bee(jess's cousin):.

.:Do the pig face, baby!!ops- i suck at it!!>(:.

.:Lil Bee is just super so cute but-:.

.:Man, she's really HYPER-ACTIVE XD. Yea, tht's Patricia leaning on the wall behind.Pretty ><:.

.:Though Su lee, Pao & Simon left earlier but it was no doubt they had ENJOYED ALOT:.

.:Our ANOTHER special guest-Ms.Yew!:.

.:Smile, smile smile ^^:.

.:Tracy, wen and patricia:.

.:Watching a football match:. LIVERPOOL !! XD

.:A last cheese before we left:.

All in all, It was a blast!!I Love it!! I really enjoyed it!! It was really the best party i've ever experienced!! No regrets, really! So jess, are you finally satisfied that I finally came to your house for your bday party after all these years? Im sure you do ^^ haha,, Last words,







*P/S-Avril, can you possible come to my house for my bday party too? Pls! PLs! pls! TT

.:unforgettable tragedy:.

There's no one to blame. No one to be pointed at. But to accept the fact that he had reasons behind these. He was terribly depressed. He was confused. "Fault" has no power to be used at anyone.

To every innocent people who lost their lives and also him, May thee rest in peace and much blessed by God.


Friday, April 6, 2007

.:Ashley's Holiday:. XD

Happened-3rd April 07 (Tuesday)

OH YESHHHH~!!!!!! The hell is finally over~!!*screams* And so alot of people were having their off day including me on Tuesday(although the exam wasnt fully finished yet) but hey~! It 's only Literature and commerce and im not taking. Why bother then? So in the end>> MID VALLEY~!! MUAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHHHAHAHAHHAHHAAHAHAH~!!!!!!!HERE I COME~!! *grins*

So then, it started off when i went to Michelle's place in the morning where ppl were still in the school :), and have a little chat ... Anyway, to me it has been ages since i havent been to Michelle's house ^^"" hehhee.. Right on the time when i get into the house it's camwhore time WAHAHAHAHAH...(im totally being hyper here after the crazy E is over)

Pics baby, pics~!

.:smile for the camera:.

.:A flash to my camera XD:.
.:It was dark actually,, lolx. Right , Michelle? YOu dint switch on the light haha..:.
.:stripes and casual:.
.:smile =D:.

Off we go to Mid Valley at 11am XD~ Actually we werent actually going together lolx. But i need her for her transport to get me here only ^^weird rite? I was actually going there to meet my gang. Michelle was going to watch with her mum, "The Perfume" while me and my gang were going to watch "Mr.Bean's Holiday" hehehe.. But since my gang havent reach yet, both of us went for a window shopping pah~! it was so quiet(doi) which i swear to myself it's my first time doing this hahaa..I was freaking afraid a guard would come up to us saying "Arent you guys suppose to go to school today? Wht are you doing here? Lepak keh!!??" hehe,, but didint happen XD. Phew~*wipe sweats*

While later when Michelle and her mum went to watch their movie =), i rushed to MPH to wait for my gang. But whatever it is, the first thing that came across to my mind when i reached there , i was like- "WHERE IS DELIFRANCE!?" "WHY SECRET RECIPE?" okay, i know i'm abit out-dated cuz i dont go out much often this year so i was really shocked it wasnt the restaurant which i love alot and used to enjoy eating while reading books/magazine and chit chat with my friends always. So yes, the place has moved to lower ground ==.. DOHH~!!! *sigh*

.:Karen and mua~ XD the other two were buying tickets:.


Mr.Bean's Holiday was nice *tumbs up*Not gonna spoil but to me it's nice ^^ oh yeah, there was another gang of Surians who were watching the same movie with us and the same time lolx. hahaa what a coincidence~! The gang of 5-Teik Chi, Simon,Charlie, Yen Ann and Kuan Yee. yeaa~they both enjoyed the show i assume la~ hehe. But i have to say this,, Max Baldry is so cute in the movie *drools* Though he's still a young boy,, but aww he's good in acting and he spoke French or maybe Russain in the movie.. i dunno la~ but he was SO cute LOLX hahaa..I HEART YOU MAX BALDRY~!! >)

.:He's looking at me~ *faint*:.

.:Love his hairstyle during the movie:.


Whts for dinner? Secret recipe == yadayadayadayada.. lolx But thnx to Alvin for his treat muahaahah.. i get to eat for free XD Su lee and I both shared Beef Lasagne while Tracy and Karen shared a plate of spagetti dunno what kind ^^. Alvin had his own meatballs spagetti and then with the drinks and so on la.. I ordered a slice of baked cheese and before Tracy even get to try it, Su Lee ,Karen and I were about to finish it and so we left a quarter back for her ><>

MOre picS~!!

.:The baked cheese, yea Su Lee , Karen and I only left this much for Tracy to try /gg.. What? WE're not evil, It's just very tasty~! ^^ :.

.:Alvin's treat was great haha,, so I decided to pay him a photo shoot LOLX. THNX dude~!:.

.:Tracy and Alvin:.

.:Karen had no choice but to strangle Alvin to satisfy herself LOLX:.

.:Father and daugther =P:.

.:My all-time HYPER crazy Bestie:.

When Su Lee and Karen left an hour later after the dinner, Tracy and i and also Alvin continued walking until both of our legs were hurting like shit~ Nothing much later, three of us just sat down at the foodcourt with drinks and talktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalktalk.. until round 9.45pm where everyone got back home with a unforgettable day ^_^

Guess what? The following day, i havent finish my art HOMEWORK~!! ROFL. But managed it right time bwahahahaa...~! Dun ask me how.. got numbers of nagging ..