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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

.:let it go:.

ARGHHH!!! I need something to laugh at, to calm me down.. cuz the fear of taking test, singing, hearing examiners speak..blablbalabla,,, yes it's all listed in my note as my phobia. So in order to "let go" I decided to share this video. Yes yes yes IT"S NHEIRA~~~!!!

*saliva dripping continuously*
this post is dedicated for you and i!!

you have to watch this, remember that day i told u about him doing something funny in a mall?? yea this is the video so yes,, watch it! Bloody comel la dia~ I tengok sampai i pun dah tak tau taip dlm bahasa Inggeris.. xD!!

The title of clip definitely says it all xD
"No Comment" I hope you're watching it, Michelle xD

Yes, he couldnt get enough of Vikings. .... dun ask me why.. ^^ but i know that he's so funny and the fact that he's good at flirting them or maybe molesting LOLX~!! whatever xD if only they can cut down the music and let him speak lolx^^

OH yeah here's another where i told you he was playing with his new guitar at the countryside..blabla here it is. Quite a nice music~though it's kinda short @@ enough said, watch!


Michelle, how can you not love him too? TT


Gosh, the test is just tomorrow T________________________T Help!!

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I have it everytime, it's always there since they day i was born. And can anyone telling the
term for fear of singing??? Cuz seriously i have it, RITE NOW!! I dunno why, my hope tend to get loose easily and it's just one day away FOR GOSH SAKE!!! SOMEONE KILL ME!!!! NOW! NOW!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


More...?? .)

You Should Date A Japanese Guy!

You're an interesting blend of traditonal and modern
And a Japanese guy is likely to be on your wavelength
Maybe you'll show your love by dying your hair the same color
Or get married in a traditional white kimono!

OMG!! THIS IS SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!! I love japanese guys~!! MUHAHAHAH >D


Sunday, May 20, 2007

.:Have a break, have a Kit-Kat:.

Ok this is not one of the 3-post-that-are-to-be-posted. ^^ It' sjust recently happened yesterday so before it's too late, i better finish this first as fast as I can TT.

Alrite, Tracy, Karen and I went for a small gathering at Leisure Mall yesterday to watch Spiderman 3. Thanks to Karen so much that we had a perrrrrrrrfecto seats which were right at the centre of the movie. ^^

At first when I've reached there and met Karen, we both went to grab a bite at BistroDelifrance, Not me but Karen cuz she was hungry and so was Tracy when she smsed Karen telling her that she was freaking hungry and needed something to eat. Then Karen ordered a plate of spagetti and shared it with her. Yea it wasnt enough for both of them but too late lalala~ >D. Hhehee,, there was still 15 mins till the movie started but then I could not get rid of not taking any photos. Mmmhmm,, so there it is... Pictures~ =D

AAHHHHHHH,, It's coming, it's COMING!!!

Bleh~ ><
Absent-minded people?? o.O (Ash=Heh!? We are!!??)

ASH =Hmmmm.. How would MCR look is they're DRESSED in pink?? o.O
TRACY=Dun ask me, I hate guys in pink.

The movie was nice. Not gonna spoil it but yea I gave it 7 out of 10. Somehow, there were too much dragging but feel free to watch. I dint said It was REALLY BAD ^^''

During the credits^^


HUNGRY AGAIN!!!???~ yeap~ our stomachs were out of control that day. We ate some pizzas at Shakey's Restaurant. And then obviously we took so many pics of ourselves that people thought we were freakos but who cares!?? xD

Shake what..? o.O

TO SPM~! lolx

ASH =She hates me T___T
KAREN = haizz... KIDS~


KAREN = *Yawn* Hmmm...?It's breakfast ready...?

ASH(Me)= Feed Me~ XD

TRACY= ooohhhh,,,Someone's calling someone *grin*
TRACY=You're so naugthy Karen. Naughty! Naughty >)
TRACY= *pretending* WHO'S THAAAAAAAAAAAT.....? >)
KAREN=IT'S SOMEONE, so? Aint nothing to with you.

KAREN = Whatever,, lalala~
TRACY= Fine! I'll tell Mummy T___T
KAREN = Gooooo ahead.. ooh,, Im SO SCARED >3
TRACY= Dont you just LOVE mE!!!?? ><
KAREN = ...here we go again...

TRACY= Am i annoying to you , Karen?? =D
KAREN = ..... uh huh... =="
TRACY= LAlalalalaa..~

TRACY= That's it , KAREN!! Im killing you~!! >)

KAREN = HAR!!??? Nooooooooo~

So then, Karen turned speechless later on.

ASH = Yum yum..

ASH= Ohhhhh,,, look Karen, It's dripping..~
ASH= Im bored..

ASH= UGh,, the knives are just not working..

ASH= Im hungry!! Mind if i have some piece of your finger, Karen??
KAREN = !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ASH= *snorrrrrrrrt* KAREN = (She tastes lovely.. >) )
In the end, we're both just hungry,hungry & hungry and WE WANT FOOD!! WE WANT FOOD!

Yeap, the show is over. ^^ hahah,, Lame wasnt it? @@ Apparently, i was the best actress among the others!! Muahahaa (perasan saya ==" lolx.. just a joke)
AND i got rewarded a NEW LINKIN PARK ALBUM-Minutes to Midnight!! Yipeeeeeeeee~
Wow,, they really change the whole thing if you listen it, but still they ROCKS!! Peace you, LINKIN PARK!! >D

A-ba-dee-a-ba-doo, That's all folks!!!! =D

*peace*.... oohh,, look!! The water is dripping..

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Supposed to be yesterday i wanna update it, but connectioni ada problem ==' lolx anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME,, (belated xD) hahah! Im 17 already. =P muaauhhahahaahahhaa!!


Wednesday, May 2, 2007


BORED! BORED! BORED! It's like what? One week of holiday since last Thursday and yet i still cant make myself to get the "Yay~! It's holiday" feeling ==". AND today is the last day,, wtf? What did I enjoy from this? Well, apparently not much. Sit at home, watching TV, surfing, chit-chatting with my friends, browsing through Nheira's gallery(AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH, OK at least this is ONE interesting stuff *saliva dripping*) EH-HEM~~~!!

AND YESTERDAY,, *slams head on the wall*, FCUKING bored and what i did in the end
................................................................................................................ *drums playing*

I decided to take pics... AGAIN ==" BUT this time, I'm not taking myself... *grins* Yup, you guessed it,

(Reminder-The pics are gonna be hell of lame, trust me. But I'm doing it for the sake of having something updated. Shoot me , ya? =P)


Well, it all started when i saw a toilet roll that has been finish using at my desk. DONT ask why or how or whatever not i have it there. Screw me @@~Then, I took my penguin, and stuck-ed the toilet roll on its beak and I name it- SKIPPER McCANNON BEAK from Madagascar. MUAHAHAHAHA..

And then I told Skipper that I'm hungry and I need some sushi. "It'll be in no time, miss!", said Skipper. But then he just found out he doesn't have any knife. Uh-oh,, so at last, i gave him combs. o.O .... no comments. But at least i got my stomach satisfied later one. lolx

The next 'victim' was Pooh Bear. The unproportion bear. Yes, Unproportion bear. Got it as a present from my best friend.,(THANKS YA? ^_^) Weird but cool ^^ Because he wanted the Cannon thingy too, I put it on his leg and re-named him as POOH McCANNON LEG. (Mind my room yea? It's messy, i know =D)

Suddenly, SKIPPER GOT ANGRY because someone stole his Cannon thingy. In the end, a big fight..but it all went too fast o.O. Skipper smacked on Pooh's face and it was end of the story and I was like "Wow, do dat again, dude!!"

.:I shall smack you!!:.

.:"aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!", screamed Pooh:.

.:"And the winner goes to... SKIPPER" *claps*:.


.:Stitch!! Well, that will be the end:.

Like i said,,, I'M BORED!!