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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

.:Get Blue:.

Tadaaaa~ finally i've updated my blog again!! =)
Last Sunday, I went with my family to a seafood restuarant somewhere at Kuchai Lama. Though they don't have snow crab but I've tried something else!!
The restuarant is called err.. kinda strage name "CWZJ Cuisine Restaurant". At first glance I thought it was just more like a tea house but not until I saw those big tanks stored with all kinda of fishes~ and we're like "YAY~"

.:Trying pronouncing this restuarant name:.

.:We had this:.

.:And this:.

.:Appetizers-I LOVE THE PEANUTS!! Looks solid but melts your melt once you bite:.

.:A quick view of the interior:.

.:Some tea bags display:.

.:The Big Boss is trying to choose the right Alaska King Crab:.

.:As usual, we had tea as drinks:.

.:And yet, i'm lovin it~:.

.:The hot air shoots out:.

.:And the raw geoduck is ready to be cooked with the soup:.

.:It definitely went well with the jap sauce and wasabi but MUST TRY THE SOUP FROM THE CLAYPOT:.

.:Ready with a tool:.

.:and it's show time!!! yummy, presenting ALASKA KING CRAB!!:.
Ok, the crab was covered with egg yolk sauce, and i think it's little too creamy and soggy for my liking. I prefer crunchy solid but still it's also very nice la~ I'm still loving it because it's really delicious, and not very salty but the texture is just maybe different compared to the ones I normally eat which is sorta yea,, less soggy~ok less talk less talk.. @@

.:Steamed Alaska King Crab with egg:.
The crab itself is wonderful.. but definitely not the egg which I'm very dissapointed because I'm a big fan of eggs.. it taste rather like raw.. yuckk.. really...taste worst than a salty egg..

.:And comes the bill which never leaves any meal:.

.:Rm500+.. no comment:.

.:Still,tongue out for the eggs(Steamed Alaska Kind Crab):.

.:However, tumbs up for the crab though!!! and the GEODUCK AND PEANUTS!!!:.
But I still wanna come back to that restuarant because I wanna try another kinda crab but not at the right timing right now.. i hope they don't let me down. But here's some compliment!! I TRULY LOVE UR FREAKING GEODUCK WHICH I THINK I CAN FINISH ONE WHOLE PLATE BY MYSELF ESPECIALLY WITH THE SOUP TOO, THE PEANUTS,THE CRAB AND MOST OF ALL, TEA OHMYBLOODAYGOODNESS..Nothing's more refreshing than a natural drink =)!!!! Technically, I find it okay and I'll give 3.5/5.. maybe you guys might think different but that's okay..

As I've mention, I"M GOING BACK THERE~ xDD

well someday, I'm buying their tea bags cuz their tea never leave me out of the place!!


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Saturday, February 23, 2008

.:Take Back My Words, SORRY:.

I decided not to post for my Genting trip.. ^^;
I suddenly felt the lost of interest to share about it..Nothing happened..I just don't feel like posting it up..it din't look interesting at all.. == but!!
SORRY for making false promises to you that i'll be updating my blog for my trip to Genting..
*sigh* but my instinct telling me that I'll be updating my blog with my visit tomorrow to some seafood resturant xDD wait for me!!

well, i don't have much time to update because of my music exam.. Yea i might not be in college yet STILL i'm having stress and pressure at home too!! ^____^


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Thursday, February 14, 2008

.:All You Need Is Love..:.

I'm wishing my mum happy birthday as well as happy valentine's day~
Mum, you're one damn lucky woman to have ur bday on such a special day~ *huggies*



Tuesday, February 12, 2008

.:Year of Rat 2008:.

When it's CNY time, I take loads of time to update them cuz the pics are just crazeeeey~
anyway here's a brief detail.

.:On the road to Ipoh:.

.:Took a break for breakfast:.

.:Continue journey and.. :.

.:Reached destination to celebrate my grandma's bday (father's family side):.

.:Yee Sang:.

.:Money Bag:.


Mom's family side

.:2008 theme= Mouse T-Shirt and camouflage pants-Soldiers:.

.:Mostly spent of my time there playing mahjong~:.

.:And Mahjong...:.

.:And mahjong...:.

.:All day...:.

.:all night...:.

.:My Ah Yee's open house:.

.:Went to check some show house in One Pertama(corner house):.


.:Dinner again..:.

.:Happy bday eve mum:.


OK , i have simply no time for putting so much details cuz I don't have enough time now, yes im genting btw while updating this post with my iced cappuccino in Coffee Bean's Cafe. All the pics above are mostly startig from the second day of Chinese New Year.
Therefore, I still would like to wish everyone in this world Happy Chinese New Year. Have a prosperity year and God Bless You!!! *peace*


phew.. finally.. == now gotta update for genting trip~ *faints*

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