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Monday, January 29, 2007

.:Great exprience yet so "fish" ==":.

Surian, Go! Go! Go! ==" out of three matches, my school only got two points... *bang my head on the wall* Yes, today was the inter-school competition for Netball. In other words, it's call MSSDHL for Netball ^_^ Under 18 for today while tomorrow while be for under 15~.. Man, im seriously feel like kicking that referee'ass~! I mean, is she even QUALIFIED to be one? Gerak kaki by the opponents~ but didint seem to care and and pretended nth had happened~! Fu**you~!! 3 kaki behind, but never do it~ yet nth happened. Bloody hell,,, eat 'si pin' la u.. >(
Sigh,, cant believe even Cempaka lost for the match.. Well, it was fun and great experience, i suppose. But dissapoinment is what we received throughtout the whole day.. ==" The opponents were friendly indeed~ xD especially the Hussein Onn.. but not the students there,, just the players. Cuz you wouldnt wanan know their so called moral attitude~ pfff..

In the meantime, i saw Stephenie Loo~!! As Gk,,i guess~! Whoa,, her face has changed ^^ haha,, getting chubby,, lolx. hehe.. I MISS HER SO MUCH~!! TT

Overall,, great experience yes but the sad part was i lost my slippers~~!! Darn it darn it~!! >((((((((((( haiz.. wht to do.. and yes what a day~~~~...


Saturday, January 27, 2007

.:Beach Paradise:.

-21st to 22nd January-
(ok,, this's gonna be a long one ..mhhmm.. long one you can see)

I wasnt suppose to be anywhere but at school at that time~ ^^
NETBALL TRAINING FOR MSSDHL ==" ,, but "It's just too little, too late", it was a last minute when Pn.Noraini told the team about it. Well, of course im lucky to escape from the tiring exhausted fitness,,have 2 run around the whole field -____-"" . Alrite, cut cut cut~ change topic~xD

As what happened on the 21st jan, my family and i went to Port Dickson, joining with my relatives from my mum's family "the more, the merrier" *nodded* ^^;
The 75 minutes journey was a swift, smooth one. And in the meantime, i've took some pictures of clouds. IT's was a fantastic weather!! I fell in love with the clouds!!><
.:black and white:.
.:My fav clouds i've taken:. ~*~

And then tada~!! We've reached to our Hotel. 5 Star hotel, dun play play~ xD. But, thanks to my cousin , she was a member so she got half price for everyone of us! COOL!! RM150!! Original price, RM300 per nite.. ==" ouch

The place is spacious,, duh~ for a 5 star hotel ^_^. Wonderfully decorated. It's has a cozy feeling at the lobby.Rite outside the entrance of the lobby was a two side separate horizontal small lake. But let the picture tells

.:at day:.

you more details ^^,, i only took one side..
I love the way they store the plants at the these
beautiful black vases. But check it out when it's at nite. There's light coming from behind,,and relfects to the water which gave me a special affect~ ^_^,, i dunno why, nowadays, im starting to love photography. Seems so fun to me XD. Haha,, my family reached at the hotel first while my relatives got overshoot~ *burst out laughing* lol~! pity them ^_^
.:at nite(i only took one of the vase) ><:.

So then we waited for an hour. meh..==" My bro and i went to grab some photos around the hotel ^^ And there these two chairs i saw and a tea table and cup there with a teapot and stuff,, does reminds me of Poi Yen's blog coffeeteamelife ^^,, POI YEN^^ DOES THIS SUITS YOUR BLOG~!>??? ^^""

.:visit http://coffeeteamelife.blogspot.com:.
Of course i dint forget to bring my Stitch with mua~ ^_^

.:Stitch and Me on a pink shirt:. When finally everyone was here, we checked in and our room was Room 321. Cool!! >) After that everyone went down to play some games, Ping pongs !! Lalalaala.. we played like a mad cow~!! rofl.!! Right after the sweaty game, straight away we head to the pool~! ALRITE, NOW I DONT LIKE THIS PART!! Cuz i cant swim *Cry Out Loud!!!!* Stupid 'auntie', of all times you gotta visit me on that particular day >( Instead, Stitch and i just sat on those long chair.. staring and staring and staring.. i mean WHAT ELSE I CAN DO?? Oh yea, go to the beach, nah not alone ^_^ gotta wait for my bro. Luckily i brought my camera and I've took pics of Stitch. (i was bored) =="

.:Hotel Guoman, Pool:. *nice*

.:Stitch~! *huggies* you look awesome:. .:Dont get misjudge of my smile, i was TOTALLY bored sitting down there alone.. if only Keshyr Nheira was just beside me OHO!!! ^_^:.It was around 6.30pm when my bro finally gave up on his swimming and we both went to the beach as we both have planned ^__^" Thank goodness we went there!! The clouds were insanely beautiful and i DO REALY mean I-N-S-A-N-S-E-L-Y B-E-A-U-T-F-U-L. This is very beneficial if u bring ur own camera everywhere .. haha

As we kept walking, i saw this slanting tree branch and it really captured my mind so i decided to put Stitch as though he is sitting on the tree branch enjoying the marvellous view of the beach and the clouds>>>

.:Stitch listening to"Somewhere only we know" by Keane:.
After surveying the beach, no doubt everyone head back to their room, took a shower and head to the nearest restaurant as our stomach were already shouting at us for several times xD. I forgotten the name of the restaurant (dammit) but they served seafood and guess what? i was accompanied by songs which doesnt goes nice to my ears.. ==" oldies. Not to mention karaoke!!?? This aint a club or anything, ==" im so clueless.. But tell you what!! They have a special food of the day >> Thats right you name it. CRAB!! by the name of "kam heong crab" >) Fresh and indeed it's a smash~!!

*burp* excuse mua~ ^_^ Went to our room after that to watch football match!! LIVERPOOL!! I LOVE YOU ^^2-0 Curse you Chelsea~!! >) i only watched half.. but still LLL!!(long live Liverpool!!) (",)

My two cousins were giving the L-loser sign to the Chelsea! ^^ While my jie fu was sitting dissapointed.. ><>
zzzZZzzZZzzzzz.. Yes, it was already 12.30am. Went for bed while for some of my relatives went for "yum cha"

Rise and shine~!! =) Got up early to get some fresh air.. and then went out to get some breakfast. As what i know the RM150 doesnt include breakfast.. ==" But who cares? >.<>for check out. Lastly but not least of course, i left my signature on the hotel!!!! Therefore, ADIOS~!!! >)

Not to miss out My family Group Photo~!!


Sunday, January 14, 2007

.:Escaped from Hell:.

Finally, the worst part has arrived. Well putting braces wasnt that painful as it seems. It depends on your condition. But to some unfortunate ppl like mua~ ==" were forced to do operations on my teeth before putting the braces on. YIKES~!! Alrite, it's little discomfort right now as im not used to wear it, and that doc said the feeling of it will last for a week.. ==" great, how AM i suppose to eat?? Validity of it? 2 years. Hopefully, he doesnt prolong it~!! >(

lalala.. im a girl with braces now~ muahahahah.. ^^;;


Friday, January 12, 2007


It was like last sat, 6 to 7 jan~ XD yea, i have insufficient time to update it ><

The weather was fine as u can see the pics above and then you can figure it out wht happen next then the rain and the mist arrived..you can see nothing but the bright white mist and bloody blazing wind~ =="

Anyways, my family and i and my bro as well went to stay a nite at the Highlands Hotel. Nice indeed, comfortable, yeap ^^;;i've shared room with my bro living behind my parents on their own room ><

yea, took it for fun XD. In the hotel room, well at LEAST it's more spacious than the The fFrst World Hotel =="

Sigh, too bad my bro and i couldnt grab the chance to play at the Outdoor Theme Park TT. Just not our day~ ><" so we went for arcade, and window shopping, lalalala,, until i passed by to this restaurant, The Olive. HOLY COW!! from the outside, you can see some lobters being displayed near the entrance, ^^'' not just lobters, they're alive and there's salmon, and cheese~!!!! *eyes drooling*


SALMON~!! AHHHH!!! i was staring at it for hours . couldnt resist not tasting it~!! TT

CHEESE~!! *nosebleeding*

Eh-hem..,,,, AND then,, without wasting anymore time,we went to starbucks. On9 and playing PSP at the same time~ XD >>

After that, it's off to bed at 3.30am @__@ after we watched a movie on TV, "The Animal". hahaha,, worth watching alot of times XD hehe/// and then came the next day. Rise and shine, got packed up, checked out but the weather was a killer, 6'Celcius!! plus the wind?? Lower~~,, coudlnt see anything at all~ @___@ aiks..

We did managed to get out safetly,, but the the trip is worth goin it~.. though nothing much to tell,, ==" dun mind me,, im just focusing on the food~ XD nyahah.a..


.:Unpredictable Guests~!! ^^:.

It was yesterday evening round 8 pm. Was cracking my head figuring out to solve the maths ==". And there my mum called me to come down as we got special guests here~
Special guests.. i was like how special are they? what? aliens?? =/
Nonono~ all wrong !!
It was Edwin's parents! ZOMG~!! For 6 years we havent met ever since they're migrated to Australia. I still can recognize heir faces ^^ haha,,
UNFORTUNATELY, Edwin himself couldnt make it to join with his parents. Well, he's busy in school i suppose as well as his brother , who's gonna graduate this year but gotta rush with 2 hectic projects. NO offence, XD just the parents with Shirly, their daugther and his boyfriend. But they both didint came that night. Maybe they were on their separate ways ~ XD haha,,,
The family was fine and happy as usual, all of the three kids were as good terms at each other and to their parents~.

And this Mr.Liew, showed some recent pics for my mum and i, and i must say, EDWIN, You're
sick tall!!! Gary, you've look so different than the last i saw you o.O and Shirly, changed hairsyle,( nice!! XD ) nth much. ><

too bad i din get to take a photo with them,, argh~ nvm it was such a precious moment ^^,, hopefully i can visit them too in Melbourne~!! haha


Saturday, January 6, 2007

.:Unsung Hero was actually a WOMAN!??(rumours):.

Recently, i heard from my tuition teacher that an unsung hero, the lengendary Hang Tuah in Melacca was actually a w-o-m-a-n!!?? 0.0!!
You gotta be kidding me man~!!
So is that the reason WHY he didint marry Puteri Gunung Ledang in the end?? =="
Evidence hasnt show up yet~ so, i'll jus take it as a rumour. And this info was said from an old folks in Malacca.
Strange? Hell yes!!
True? Cant be~ ==" Well, he's not stated in my history anyway/. ^^
yikes =/


Tuesday, January 2, 2007

.:Last Day on Paradise~!!!! Noooooooo~ TT:.

Oh no, we're hours behind from paradise to the torture chamber T__T
I dont want to go back to school!!! I dont miss them, never!
Neither i miss the books, the exams, the projects nor even those lame activities,, ==" UGH!! Somebody kill me~~ @____@

Plus, not good to miss out that this is an IMPORTANT year for me, SPM!! Thats right,, SPM~! Geez,, here we go again.. Homeworks will be pilling up higher each day =="
Tests will given everytime. There's loads of stuff to read. Can you believe it that Senior 4's history wasnt done reading yet?? How bad are you willing to know? WAY BAD~!!
Thanks to those 5 chapters who kept contanstly talking abt Nabi's past~ ==" *peace* to you yea rite,,

Well, seeing back my good friends is indeed a different issue. So eventually, there'll be a new friend (i suppose), new teachers (most likely), new rivals (so true), new challanges, new anything you name it.. XD

I guess i have to stick as myself, a single-minded, focusing on getting good grades in SPM ^^
haha~!! Wish mua luck~ *bluek*

Best of luck people!! see you at school~!!


Monday, January 1, 2007

.:Michelle's enjoying her so called New Year's Day Lunch.. ==":.

Aaaaah,,,, Michelle gets to go to enjoy a buffet lunch at Westin KL!!
From salads, pasta to her own creation bread toast name "peeping tom' XD to local delicacies to desserts like cakes, darn you michelle my favourite Marshmallow and M&Ms, and even asking me to spot the Cinnamon Praline thingy to the last but not least,,, ice creams.. ^^ chocolate that she recommended.==". You should had booked another seat for mua~ TT
U HEAR ME?? >(

So,, let;s face it Michelle, i'm not posting this to advertise ur blog. Did you, i mean you know me well, and i know you well too,,,, and erm,, we're good friends rite?? Just tell me exactly,,


For those who wanna know more of the buffet lunch,, ^^ hey, my pleasure for you to visit my friend, Michelle's Blog>>


There! ya happy??haaha,,kiddin X)

anyway, glad u enjoy! ^^ see ya

*Huggies *


.:Old song makes a memory x):.

Slumber by OAG. Old song. Malaysian band. Nice song indeed!! ^^
Kept playing that song again and again and again.... ><
It reminds me of the good old times.. aaahh.. the times when I dunno what i was doing.