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Sunday, August 31, 2008

.:The Great Escape-DAY 4:.

[DAY 4]

Yes im damn lazy to blog these days (kill me) but since im starting my music course next week, I need to get this thing done before I start to put my blog aside and let it rot till millions of years.. ahha lame. So DAY 4!!!

Let's see, oh yeah, the night before around 3am, my mum got waken up by a terrible awful loud high pitch woman monotone cry. Yes it's tht one im talking about. It must be, cuz dun tell me u wont stop halfway to breathe when u cry rite? this cry kept getting louder non stop.

Thank god she dint wake me up.. good thing i've brought along my chinese bible book. Otherwise my mum can't sleep in peace. But no worries, cuz we're leaving the chalet the next day (day 4) and we're staying a night at my Uncle's condo at the Botanic Garden which is quite near to Orchard Road. =)

So we started packing and left the place with a few of memories. Note the word a few.....


So wht did i have for breakfast? Since there's a foodcourt right outside the chalet, 'hao ko wei' Delicious Food Court, so i thought of giving a try lah.

Left with not much of choices, i tried the Fishball Wanton Mee.

And whaddaya know?......U just need a plastic cuz..

U'll really wanna puke!!!!

The soup is awfully tasteless. The noodles OH MY EFFING GOSH,, i knew i wasn't eating wanton mee tht very moment i put it in my mouth.

I was eating powder!! Mee powder.. wtf man!! I paid for like 4$ for tht cheap bloody dish and i dint wanna continue after 3 bites cuz seriously it really tasted like powder. Lesson learnt-foodcourt sucks in s'pore if u dun know where to eat at the right place.

.:a last smile:.
.:yuckkkksss to the extent!!:.

.:so i switched to Old Chang Kee and bought 2 sticks of fried prawns-yea not healthy for the start wadever....:.
.:*munches* MUCH BETTER!!:.

Then off to my uncle's house!! Wow their place is damn beautiful!! And their condo is damn big can!! My mum and I took my cousin bro's room. I dun like it, it's a double Decker bed and when i climb up the ladder, all the squeaky -about -to-crack sound started to play and it gives me creeps down to my spine.

.:living room:.
.:two cutie tortoise:.
So we went to the orchard road to have some window shopping... yea tht's it. I dint buy anything at all D:

.:Paris Hilton haah:.
.:My aunt and my cousin bro:.
.:takashimaya!!! =3:.

.:T____T i wish my bf would buy me the whole store of teddy bears next time HAH!!:.

So then, that night the whole family went to the RiverSide Point, where most ppl who loves clubbing and enjoys good food or date or even shopping also girls night out would love to hang out there.

.:interesting place:.
.:some restaurants:.
.:and yes, they have HOOTERS there wtf?:.
.: my aunt and uncle- oh btw, we're sitting on a boat to have a small tour around the spore lake:.
.:me and mumme:.

.:oldest bridge in spore-i forgot the name:.
.:upcoming new casino... oh this is not the casino of Dato Lim's son project:.
.:Peony Jade Restaurant, here we come!!:.

.:the food was nice and all..:.
.:the restaurant is call The Clinic and so every furniture is influenced from the clinic's style lolx:.

Woot~ finally went back and got ready to sleeee- not yet. My cousin, Daniel showed me his awards where he went to US to participate the Spontaneous Talk Competition.. lol? Well anyway, it's a good he got sent to US for free @.@ lucky boy man lucky boy.

Until the moment he told me, "oh wait, i still have something to show you =D".
All i did was just wait for him.


"they gave me teddy bear for the award too!!"

I turned back immediately and let out my quiet high pitch roar towards the bear in my heart!! It's soooo cute!!


.:teddy bear, u're mine!!!!!!!!!!!!:.

And before we left s'pore the next day, we did a last minute group photo!!

.:my whacky two cousins lolx:.
.:i was in pajamas!!!!!! GAH!:.




Sunday, August 10, 2008

.:The Great Escape-DAY 3:.

[DAY 3]

The next morning. YAY. Finally im free!! Today, only my mum and i went out together for shopping at the Bugis Street. Oh, the other two in the room had left when i was still sleeping dreaming of my lovely dovey Nheira hah!! lololx

.:morning greetings from the lovely coconut tree:.
.:as mention in the pic-bugis junction. I had my breakfast there.. oh it's linked to a mrt station =):.

.:Bugis village-yes i bought this:.
So happen there was a Japan fair tht day so i got to see so many cute stuff which are sold at theere/

.:including this cute wooden flip flops.. but so expensive siao for me:.

And then we went back to OG.. not for shopping but had lunch. Actually my mum was hungry so she ate nasi lemak with otak otak. Man nasi lemak without groundnuts and eggs how can?

.:mum and the foods and shopping bags:.

.:*peace to my DSLR camera.. ok fine my bro's DSLR*:.

Ok after that,we went to take the MRT to Tampines Mall. Of course with a guide from my mum's friend's daughter. Man I love S'pore MRT!!! There are no counters at all..just machines .. touch screen sumore =) I was in cloud 9.. why? i dunno just so high tech. The LRT machines in KL always rosak and the worst part is when the 1 ringgit coin is already unusable so it's so difficult and they no longer accept paper notes i think so sungguh mafan-ish.
Oh yeah, the machines in the MRT station in S'pore have to pay extra 1$ as a deposit for the ticket so when you have reached ur destination, put the ticket back to the counter and claim ur 1$ back. Cool no?

.:oprah's fav color =) ahah this is a the ticket:.


As for a blogger in a new place like me, you wouldn't want to sit down and wait to reach to destination. Although there are seats , i wanted to stand especially near the door to capture as many pics as i could. Yayayaya, ppl there was focusing their direction on me thinking "hmm.. a small girl with a big camera"

yea whatever..just like the song "if you love me then, thank you. if you hate then fark you =)" I hate the song but i love tht sentence. But seriously, there's not much to take. Normal lo.. you get to see some land houses owned by those rich-arse Singaporeans, s'pore typical school and some of the buildings.

.:their school field is shocking big @@:.

.:i forgot wht is this.. it's either a shopping complex or office areas.. pardon me.. i memang forgot:.

.:some typical s'poreans school girls and wow.. their skirts is above knee length hah!:.

.:Tampines Mall is just like the smaller version of MidValley:.
I bought some cool relaxing cds for only 6$. And a beautiful vintage handphone bag =) for 5$ in popular with my Popular Card of course xD

.:I saw these cute dolls that i regretted not buying them though it's 30rm++!!:.
And that's it, we went back and sat a bus back to our chalet. Cuz walking the whole day can be a real serious legs killer!!
.:in the bus:.
When I went back, i immediately dropped dead lying on the bed.. but my mum yelled at me to bath first cuz i stink(but not bad). Why you ask? cuz tht wedding night i put quite amount of hairspray, came back hit straight to the bed after washing my face... and the following morning i dint even bother to wash my hair and let it rot for the whole day until the evening(well i put abit clap). hah im so 'clean' =)

.:This is actually my dinner-shut up i dun need the hear wht u're saying:.

sorry for the late updates.. the internet has been down very bad lately and uploading pictures is very stressful not to mention >|

keep in touch amigos!!!! =D