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Sunday, December 31, 2006

.:Journey to 2007:.

Succesfully we've arrived to the last step of the stairs,
Within the next minute, we shall bid goodbye with shares,
So strong we can embrace beneath us,
Killing aims and courage cant harm even a curse,
Turning back of regrets is good for nothing,
But walking towards is way beyond something,
Those bittersweet memories forget we cant,
Through happiness and sorrow that we hunt,
A glimpse to the past,
To learn the rights to the heart,
All those words we bare in mind,
Shall move on with morally kind,
Where the journey to year 2007,
May wishing Happy New Year to be given.


Saturday, December 30, 2006

Tiny weenny joke~

I received this funny jokes from my friend, Tracy for quite some time. alrite,, here's how it goes ^^

A men went to a pub. He ordered a drink. Then another and another.
After several drinks, the waiter got concerned and asked him what's the matter.
"My wife and i had an arguement. She's not talking to me for 31 days", he explained.

The waiter thought for a while and said, "but isint it a good thing that your wife isint talking to you?" The man replied, "yeah, but today is the last" *cry*


Andthere was this best guy friend of mine ^^, he gave me a silly joke, and your reaction after that you read it, will be those two chinese words. "cha tou" x)
I thought he was serious~ he GOT me~!!! >( darn~

here's how it goes=

I Want You

To be with me

In a nice expensive restaurant

To have a candle light dinner..

And say those 3 sweet words to you

(haha,, yea rite. I love you?)


say it those two words. Say it~!! ^^ hehe


mother of nature. WHY????

Mother of nature had landed an earthquake on Taiwan.
Bad mommy~ T__T But blaming we can no one.
We're aint god. *sigh*
To the International Links, God Bless~! ^__^


Nightmare of my life~!

Alrite im pulling out all the swords tht has been trying to stab me these few days..~!
AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~~~~im letting it out now~!

Breathe in..

Breathe out..

Breathe in..

Breat- aahh,, get to the point~!


For a few years, i was forced to put on braces by my parents ==" of course i didint want to cuz i have this serious phobia on dentist. Not to mention my past years experience of three days operation on my tooth T__T i was just round 10~! Since after the operation i already got this phobia towards dentist~

So, at last, i finally gave in to my parents and yea yea yea,, whaddaya know? I made my choice to put it on. So i got this doctor (instead of a dentist) recommended by my friend and that doc works in a Orthodontic clinic in Tung Shin Hospital. Well, when i got there, no surprised, the doctor named Dr.Tan Wee Kee who has been working for the past 20 years ( a professional now no doubt ). And he was like discussing the procedure of putting the braces. okaaay,, i thought it would be like,, ok, one day done~. indeed that concept got me wrong TT jeez..

Then on the 18th Dec, my left side of my mouth, two teeth was pulled out~ the top and the bottom. No big deal but i was scared at tht time. Scared because of the injections before pulling my teeth. Yea,, those injections on your lips to make u feel numb~ it's HURTS, DOC!! not to mention he injected three times..hehe.. i ended up crying, cuz i couldnt face my fear.. ^^

After a few days, i started to get used of it. But it wasnt the end, it was just the begining. I mean yea,, pulling the teeth only when the braces are not put yet Wht the hell? =/

Then three days ago, i got an appoinment again with the doctor. BINGO! Two teeth pulled out on my right side. OK, this time it was much painful than i thought. I was forced to eat medicine because the doc doesnt want any infections to appear on my teeth. But hello~!! Two tablets of antibiotic and two painkillers together after a SINGLE MEAL~!? Thts just too much!!

And yesterday,, haha!! I puke three times,, so sick of this. Whtever i eat, it comes out. Alrite, not gonna say more.. disgusting i know but i have no idea making braces will so dreadful.
Spell it dictionary d-r-e-a-d-f-u-l xD

HOWEVER, i DO understand the results will be worth it. But i cant stand the pain of this,,especially not when you have phobia on dentist and things that goes operating on your teeth~ Na-uh~ ><>

Well, i do really want to get this done cuz i have the last step to do which is putting the braces~ ==" yikes,, i dont know about it and i dont wish to know about it ^^hehe..
Wish me luck~ ^__^


Friday, December 29, 2006

my first post~ ^^ just like all new-comers

my first post~
yipee~,, i did it.
so now what? =="

I have nothing better else to do through the two months of school holidays so, i guess i signed up into blogging just to kill my time from getting rotten at home. Yea it maybe a little too late to blog now since school's gonna re-open nyahaha x). who cares?

oh wells,, the real post is gonna start soon.. for now, it's just a warm up for me ^^
since i havent done blogging for a loooong time ..

so, i wish you guys out there will have a enjoyable time reading my blog~ XD
not to mention you, michelle~! *wink*