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Thursday, December 27, 2007

.:PAPITA PON!!!!:.

Wee.. i found another cute game which my bro and I are currently playing. It's somehow way cooler than Loco Roco!! This time it's call PATAPON!!! A PSP game which launched in Japan recently at Dec 20. It's a half musical game half action game. You must know and follow the right rhythm as every rhythm has different meanings. And if you fail to continue the following rhythm or you just simply press or whtever bah~, the soldiers will react "huh?" and they will fall down LOL..Dun worry. Watch the trailer and you'll get my meaning.
And here's some pics.

Trailer time!! =))




Tuesday, December 25, 2007

.:Jingle Around the Clock:.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Bloggers and Everyone out there!!!!


Monday, December 24, 2007

.:When They Know It's Risky,...They Try to Stop Me:.

Maybe my talent is not a talent afterall?
Maybe mine is just plain zero. I don't blame that.
Is my decision really risky?
Sure enough I do understand it is but..
Seriously, what are you people trying to tell me?
That I'm not suitable for what I'm planning to do?
I might not be having a bright future?
Or maybe you think I can't be successful next time..?
You guys kept discussing of this matter until it's like a never ending debate.
Concern? yes I know. But can't I least try?
I live once in the world.
How would you guys know if you haven't try and it's not wrong rite?
I know it bothers you guys that I'm trying to take the odd path.
But it's not that it's never been taken but it's just not happening much in my place.
Surely everyone even my best friends thought I would pursue on something else.
Thx for ur concern I don't like it.
To me, "that" is not the one for me.
Cuz those jobs you see around the world is mostly pleasing people.
What if people doesnt like it? They have their sense of style and so have mine too.
That's wasting effort but this is life. It has no rights or wrong.
And I don't like it. It's not fix.

So as my own decision.

But will I gain respect from that if I take the road most taken?
Will I be ever able to compete with others and get what I desire?
It's obviously I'm always lacking of confidence.
Cuz I don't like to show it as I thought it's much more disrespectful to me.

And C'mon I never like teaching! For Holy's Sake, sop urging me to do it. I'm not a coward. I just don't like to teach. HELLO!? OPINIONS!!!You can't expect everyone to LIKE teaching.

Can't I just working something else? Maybe if I ever graduate, I can teach for part time.
Maybe my ambition is tough to achieve. I agree. A job which is not consistence. Big risk.

And I ain't rich and I FUCKING GET THE PICTURE!! You think I don't know that?
You think I'm not scared I won't be successful!?


Cuz maybe I thought for 14 years of learning it since young, I can't say no cuz I felt meaningless.

Look I don't even wanna give up. I rather die if you ask me to take something else. But I do have confidence on what I'm gonna take. But then again..though i don't have it much right now,,

I will try my best to proof that by

No, I'm not scolding anyone. Really. It's not the people I know.
It's just that sometimes I kept hearing these voices telling me in my mind when there's no one around in ur room saying....

"No Siew Mun, don't take it. It's not popular here. Don't waste ur time blablaba.."
"Aren't you good at art? Why don't you take graphics?"
"Your talent isn't good enough. It could be dangerous."


But it's just in my dreams that i'll be hearing this often. People it's just a dream and me who thinks too much.

God is playing some games with me. He creates me for a purpose. Hardships is what he would give to me at first before rewards come in second. I accept it. No, i'm not talking religious here. Even if you don't believe in God, in life, there's roads which are either smooth or bumpy and it's a test of ur ability how well enough can u manage..
Even if I couldnt succeed, it won't matter cuz practice makes perfect.

And I really believe that,
Without music, it's even meaningless for the creation of voicebox or sound.
Without music, there won't be humans in this world.

Think about it.
You think I'm talking fucking crap.
So fuck, leave my fucking blog if you don't give a fuck to me of what I'm typing here.
In the end, just fuck urself till you either fucking get it or not.
Otherwise, just fuck leave me alone cuz it's my fucking funeral.
I'm fucking trying to help and save music.

Well got dinner tonight, finally. Wont be getting rotten at home for christmas celebration.
And yes, wine is my best solution for the frustration.

But i'm still not Okay =)

sorry for the violation but fuck, who cares?
*slam on the door*

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

.:fear in this christmas period :.

I'm not feeling me today.
I feel different..

way different..
im scared..

and i dunno why..

im just very scared..

my mind telling is im gonna be alone again..

for christmas..

no.. maybe forever..? Damn!! WHY AM I HAVING THIS FEELING!!!?

maybe im sick. I think too much.My friends say I always do..

I'm worrying abt my studies, jobs, future, my friends, my future friends, my marriage, my future.... everything.





Saturday, December 22, 2007

.:Happy BDAY:.



Friday, December 21, 2007


In case you're wondering who he is, he's a half Japanese-American who is born and raised in Hollywood, California. His father is a Japanese while his Mum is a French Morrocon. Cyril became interested in magic when he was 7 years old, when he went to a magic show in Las Vegas where he saw a guest magician levitate a woman and cut himself in half. The first time Cyril ever performed magic in front of people was during his school's talent show. At the age of 12, he entered the junior program at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Then he was a member of the short-lived television series T.H.E.M.

In 2007 he was awarded in The Magic Woods Awards to be the Best Magician Category.

The following vids below are some of his magic while the first vid would be one of his well-known signature tricks. Don't blink ppl!! He's SO MUCH BETTER THAN CRISS ANGEL bcuz CRISS ANGEL SUCKS!!!

.:The Hamburger Trick:.

.:Bowling-Grandpa Magician Cyril:.

.:Mobile Phone:.

.:Black Coffee:.


Then on the Dec 12, he was appeared as a guest in the 44th Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan, performing magic tricks of course with Sandra Ng and Aaron Kwok.

man.. he's do damn hot!!! xDD


Thursday, December 20, 2007

.:A Night to Remember:.

Prom night photos.. I dint take much and dint manage to take pics with everyone.... cuz my batteries are officially dying.. X__X so so sorry.. here's what I can take much.. =(

.:Mummy and I:.

.:Tracy and I:.

.:Karen and I:.

.:papa and lui lui:.

.:Ji Mui and i:.
.:Ebil pao(OMG, soooo "horrible") and me xD:.

.:sook wai and i:.

.:me and Zhi Yuen:.

.:me, Lianne and unbelievable tall Derek lol:.

.:me and Lianne:.

.:me and Yvonne Chan:.

.:Prom Queen and Kings nominees:.

.:Prom Queen-Patricia. Prom King-Keng June aka Lam Fong:.

*Sigh* Dint manage to grab a good pic with Su Lee , Han Kuan, Ju Piao and many many other ppl..becuz of my damn camera.. but one thing I know,, it was a memorable day when majority of the guys went so wild that some of them striped their shirt out at the dance floor and you could see some ppl like Simon, Ben, Mutu, etc were being held up in the air lolx. The games were okay though luckily I dint join in lolx. The best was just the dancing and then..Y.M.C.A !!
In the end,, I went back early with my gang bu I assumed they played the same occasional graduation song-Graduation by Vitamin C.

Well then,, overall it was nice but Im gonna miss you guys so so so so so so so much.. hopefully we are going to meet again one day.*pray*

::a song i would like to dedicate for everyone::
:Beautiful Life by Lindsay Lohan:




Monday, December 17, 2007

.:Happy Birthday to You:.

Yo Tracy, Happy 17th Birthday to you!!!
There is song which Karen and I REALLY composed together dedicated to you,, entitled "Happy Birthday to You-Shei Li"
Yes, we havent record it down cuz we still have probs with the cords and we aren't pro yet so yeah... But here are the lyrics which Karen mostly created it. We promise to let you hear before end of this month. Enjoy and Hate you!!

"Happy Birthday to You-Shei Li"
I used to be, once, all alone,
And everything was just unknown,
Till you came by and kindness then was shown,
You brought me out of darkness,
Friends we became,
I known that you are irreplaceable.

I've never met a friend like you,
Before my days in Senior Two,
And all this time, I had no one to turn to,
But life had changed when you just walked into my world,
I has known that we were
Meant to be forever

No matter what,
We'll never be apart,
Our friendship never rust, (haa..)
Through hardships we have to overcome,
We will still be standing as one...

Happy Birthday to you my friend,
We'll never forget you until the end,
And no matter where you are
Or where you'll be,
Forever, you'll be in our hearts..

Happy Birthday to you my friend,
We'll never forget you until the end,
And no matter where you are
Or where you'll be,
Forever, you'll be in our hearts..

Hopefully, you'll like the song by then!!


Anyway guys, i found one of the toughest tongue twister

sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick

man,, im starting to get sick... @@

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

.:Friends 4 Life:.

ok..I know I dint update my blog for quite some time. And i wasnt finished writing about friendships, sorry guys. Eh-hem.. Well then, the winners are=

Michelle & Yen
For I thought i wouldn't have anyone to be close with during Form 3. But she showed up and sat beside and we bonded real close. She's also the person who influenced me in blogging while I influenced her in gothic culture and of course, NHEIRA!! MUAHHAHAA!! But there's one thing I don't like going out with her. Not that she's very fashionable but..she's like a Mountain Everest to me. As well as her sister, Yen Yen. YES, GUNUNG KINABALU, HIMALAYAS,,..bah whatever..=P Well, she loves language and blogging about anything you want and she's a die hard fan/kipas susah mati of Starbucks haha. She can be very helpful and supportive and funny and well, funny~ Hope you'll be doing fine in Australia, Chelle. Best friend forever including ur sis too,, haha Yen Yen, see!? I dint forget about you, you sweetie. Also a die hard fan of Chopin and anything about political issues. One thing that they both love classical musics, jazz, operas etc. Love you guys!!!

Ha! Ebil, did you know I was forced to write your name here actually? My stupid fingers said they love you but deep down in my heart, I hate it!! lolx..nvm, I'll just continue with it.. *sigh* so troublesome. Anyway, haha she's the craziest girl I've ever met. Always brightens up ppl's world with her laughs and jokes. One thing she hates is Pink. Yes and that's wht Tracy call her-Pink Hater while she calls her Pink Monster lolx. Everytime we said something, it has to be the opposite and well, Pao got confused at the first place but now, WA SEI~ she's like a pro. Sumore last nite, she just wished me through sms saying Merry Asses to me.. aww... how sweet!

Celine & Fan
Im glad that fate brought us 3 together as best friends and yes, I laughed very hard of my nickname you guys named for me lol..I enjoyed most of the time we had together in our class, sitting together and never ending laughter. From what I know, Li Fan has a nice sweet voice when she sings. She always sings with Celine and till one day I dunno how, they both ended up as husband and wife. ==" But I do appreciate alot the memories we shared. Tq so much for being my best friends.. Love u guys, budds!!

*BANG!*mwahaha,, Magician huh? lolx. You really showed me and my gang alot that 'day'. And I would never forget the part when finding the Sushi King's membership card. LOLX, we all laughed out darn hard. Hey who knows? You can be the next David Chesiefield lolx..Oh yeah, I havent post about Citidel yet, sorry buddy, there's too many things to say and dunno where to start lolx. And thx for introducing the Wolf Game to me,, Man I can never forget how many times my stomach hurts becuz of the laughter we all had. I'll still challenge you on Taiko Drum Master and Paintball too don't worry, the competition is on..haha *peace on you dood~*

Bloggers like Ben, Simon
Ok, though i know we're not really close cuz we are in the diff class. Yet, one thing i know we have fun reading each other blogs. First and foremost, Simon, WHERE'S MUA ORANGE JUICE!? xD But guys,thx for the info on the middle finger and the true meaning of FUCK xD yea that's rite. FUCK you guys man!! Ben likes putting edited pics he did to his blog as well as Simon. Well mostly, Simon would put his face whenever there's a hot girl beside "him" or someone. xD
(sorry TT.. i dont what to add)

Yuki, Abi & Yen
HOW CAN I FORGET YOU GUYS!!? Gosh, I always treasure the days we had during we were in junior till Senior 1. Man, I can't believe it you guys changed school. And yes, 3 of you sumore TT. Nevertheless, you guys did manage to visit my school haha.. The one I enjoyed the most was at Yuki's house where Yen and I stayed overnight at her place watching movies marathon. Too bad, Abi dint get to join in the fun T_____________T Ju-On 2, The Terminal, and Mean Girls. Damn The Terminal rocks!!! TOM HANKS BABE YOU ARE SICK!! xD Haha,, i even remembered when I slept with you and you punched straight and hard to my arm. Damn, it did hurt but you were sleeping so i was assuming you were very angry at someone I tak tau siapa. lolx. But I love you guys and i'll never ever miss you!!! ^______________^ and yes YUKI, AIBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEEE XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Here's a dedication song for me to you guys !! XOXO




Wednesday, December 5, 2007

.:Farewell Party:.

GEEE,, i havent been on9 for like a week and my brain is dying.. cuz i cant live without internet not even a single day and internet has been down these days or maybe my jiran just dun wanna switch on the modem ==". However today, luck was on my side when i waited until 6.15pm and immediately i realised i havent finished this post yet... @@ talk about the lateness... sorry guys!!
Oh well, it held on the 2nd of Dec(sun) at Shangri-La Hotel. And most of the guest are Pk's classmate except for me xD muahahaa im the special one.

Okok,, I've got no time. Dang! I wont be on9 for another four days.. so wish me luck people, when i get back, i can access to internet. So pics, show the rest!!!

.:I was in PK's house-camwhoring:.

.:Inside the car feeling excited:.

Ok,, even though it's a buffet but I aint gonna mention abut the food too(Just like how Simon mentioned in his blog),, at first we all chated while we enjoyed our food. Then, it was the toasting time..

.:Fast forward to taking pics time:.

.:Hippo is everywhere:.

.:Teik Chi-Come Kuan Yee, come to papa and put this cute love balloon shape on you =):.

.:What's Mutu trying to get from the clown?:.

.:Some sorta balloon??:.

.:Which ended up being killed by PK lolx:.

.:Cute little pinky doggy balloon given by Mutu to PK:.

.:A moment we should all keep in our memories (lol!!):.


.:When you think you're tired form an event, you still have one last job to do-BLOG IT!!:.

.:*type type type type*:.

Infinity X'es and O'es

done... @@ finally..

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