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Thursday, October 30, 2008

.:Beneath All This Time:.

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Yup mid term is finally over in my uni, I only have class at 4pm for today which is my Cello class =.= To be honest, my cello instructor is very boring. I can almost sleep while im playing my cello. Hell im serious. I hope i get to change my instructor by next semester because i think im the only cello student of him right now... yikes!

I'm resting like a pig now in my bro's room with my labtop, praying the coming cello class will be slightly fun and not drop dead boring again. I miss those days where i don't have to do anything and the feeling of sit back and get lazy. I truly adore those boring times haha. Well my course 's fees has raised. Sigh. Music course ain't cheap, duh. Like i said, musicians are poor.

I learn quite alot from these past few weeks. I get to watch alot of performance by the degree students as part of their assessments. I get to know more of each instrument step by step though i'm learning them. And the best time is always when we discuss during our time learning music, getting scolded by our music teacher, funny or sad or weird or angry moments, first time stage performance and those freaky exams always, the list goes on. I kinda fell in love with choir now, maybe it's because it's my first time singing soprano ^^; but i always love the part when everyone sings together and we sounded so professional haahhahaha xD.

Well i think i shall go to uni now though it's early. I wanna practice my cello there, cuz my house has too many distractions xDD so below are my latest pics. Hehehe, i never get tired of taking emo pics of myself hahaah. But im never emo in real life X( hehe. Enjoy!! Miss ya guys! =D

.: i look so fatigue here o.o :.

.:black secret:.


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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

.:Whacky Days:.

Yay, im finally free to online!! First of all, Selamat Hari Raya everyone!! =D

I know my blog is quite dead for these past few weeks but now tht today is a holiday, im gonna bring my blog back to life as it used to be!

Well college was fun. I do enjoy majority of my class most of the times. My aural lecturer roxx my socks off man. He's effing funny that there're always laugther every 5 mins. There's once i couldnt forget wht he said he hated cut pulse/rests so much and thinks it's bloody annoying thing ever exist in music wtf. He even created a funny way to remember the minor/major key signatures.
For instance in major key signatures for # , all the musicians know tht the # comes in perfect 5th order which starts from F, C, G....so on. Well his way of remembering is by naming them. Though he dint finish the whole thing but he only mentioned the first 3- "Fuu Cin Good........... alright i think tht's it, i dun wanna be rude" and yeah the whole was laughing their ass off.

Anyway last friday,my friend, Quek and i celebrated with my friend's bday, Chin Ni at Secret Recipe and her room too =)

.:Quek is too shy for the camera,, dammit:..:oh yeah, her hair is damn long o.o:.

.:the bday girl =3:.

.:the string trio xDDD gah!! yes, i play the cello, quek plays the violin while the bday girl plays the viola =D:.
So later having our stomach full, we head back to Chin Ni's place to celebrate. Unfortunately, i wanted to surprise her with a cake i bought from Secret Recipe without her knowing but found out, couldnt find the ligther... *____* lolx

.:the group shines together again =P:.

Cheers!! =)


P/S- HAppy Belated Birthday, Tomo!! =(