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.:simplicity to extreme is all my style:. *peace*

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

.:The Great Escape-DAY 2:.

[DAY 2]

*wedding bells* YES, it's the wedding day! I woke up around 6pm and got ready,, well i gotta wait for my mum and her good ole friends who arrived quite late the previous night to get ready..yea you know how loooooong they have to get their face pretty! Im not complaining but just saying =.=.. ANYWAY, while waiting for the 3 'princess' to be ready, i surveyed outside the chalet and found there have a lovely garden =)

.:30 mins right from the bed and im done:.

.:I'd love to have my surrounded by these beautiful flowers:.

.:Hearts for the Day =):.

So finally when we're done, we went to take a cab and of course in singapore, u have to buckle up ur seat beats behind or else they'll fine u 120$ = 240rm. Malaysia should follow their law!!! =)


.:Blok 182- a condo with many blocks @@:.

.:The Lovely Soulmates-Gosh i love the hello kitty dolls. Me love!! =):.

.:foods are everywhere!! =D:.

.:Me and my mum and her high school friends:.

.:This kid is cheerful like hell :.
Did i mention tht the condo was so lovely and beautiful!!?? and it's like 35K $? @@

.:My fav part of the room:.


.:and they came..:.

.:awwwwwww xD:.

.:so yeah, there's nothing to say so right after tht, i went with my mum and her friends to shopping to OG(believe i was bored to the extent @@):.
So then we're waiting for a cab to take us i thought this building opposite of me is college, uni or something but heck no, it's actually a school! primary school to be exact
called the Edgefield. hah~

It took a freaking long an hour to reach OG @.@ well like i said, i was freaking bored cuz it's a shopping complex for aunties and it's only 2 floors. Tolerate? u bet =.= my feet were soaring.

.:yes, they bought things.. and i dint:.

.:im making the post a little straight forward and very simple am i?apparently, i prefer simple words cuz too much is just too extreme *winks*:.

Well, of course we went back cuz we had to get dressed for the dinner tht night. On our way back to our chalet, i was adoring the beautiful clouds and they always tell something to me =)

.:a face of a man.. lemme guess, i'll meet my soulmate soon haahahhaahahahahha lame =.=:.

So later tht night, we and other ppl sat on a mini bus to Grand Copthorne Hotel. An hour journey.. yes it's like going anywhere requires at least an hour to arrive there @__@

.:not the limelight of the night:.

.:make-up? i was forced too:.


.:Ok, i dint take much pictures cuz the light was dim AND i hate using flash. dun ask why:.

.:the display saje.. but it's really gorgeous:.

.:the 5 storey cake:.

.:i love this alot-prawns wrapped with bacon:.


.:right=the bridegroom's auntie, my mum, and her friends:.

.:hehehe, the bride was wearing purple after changing twice woohoo~ *highfive*:.

So ok, i was satisfied with the food and all and guess wht? someone told us tht later there'd be a tour around s'pore! WTF im so tired siao~ lagi nak tour.. !@#$ so fine, we went to the none than the famous merlion statue spitting water to the sea.

.:the famous 6 star hotel:.

Then off to some hills which you can capture part the view of singapore and then orchard road and we all demanded him to go back to chalet cuz we were all drop dead tired @__________@.

stay tuned for the next post!!



Monday, July 28, 2008

.:The Great Escape-DAY 1:.

Im starting to get sick of blogging like seriously. =.=

Ok guys, it's not that i dint wanna update my singapore post but there's just too many pics to choose to put into my blog.. i know lah, just put those importance one mah. Well honestly, almost all are important. After 3 days choosing the right pic in chronology then editing it, put some touch up,, I finally get to share it with you day by day.

Because i still have like over 100pics+ to put here so yeah i've gotta separate it.

And oh, before you start saying "damn, it's gonna be one hell of post" =.= , note tht the quality pics are captured by 3 types of camera-DSLR D70, my own digital and my hp camera so judge urself. So quit complaining if some of the pics sucks hah!


[DAY 1]

Reached at Chorus Hotel, KL. And this was the first time my mum and i to sit on a First Class Aeroline Double Decker Buss. Believe me, it's really first class!! I got free breakfast!! Ok so you gotta pay like rm80 but hey , you don't have to pass the toll to pay anything. You don't have to wait so bloody long at the immigration at J.B, they simply just stamp ur passport and u're free to go. Oh yes, talk abt security, unlike some buses, they just simply leave without waiting for u when all ur luggage are inside. Lastly, punctuality!!! Which is why first class has its benefits =) Better be safe than sorry!!

Now, im plan to do this post as simple as i can :o

.:Ok, it was like 7 in the morning, i was still half awake:.

.:breakfast for morning for free HAH!:.

Hey, did i mention that they provide a small pillow and blankets? =D and washroom is available for small business saje ;)

.: I heart taking pictures of clouds =) :.

.: That is JB :.

.:This is S'pore!!:.


We reached at Harbour Front Centre, my mum's friend came to pick us and then siap pergi makan at Food Republic,Vivo. Oh you can take a monorail or the cable car from here to Sentosa Island. It was nice =) Oh yeah, i had one ton of mee and my mum had a homemade slice mee seafood.. i seriously forgot the name =.= pardon me..

After that, drove straight to our chalet!! It's damn far siao~ So i captured some pics of s'pore =)

.: me me me me me:.

.:told u tht stitch wont be left out ^^:.

.: downtown east, my chalet:.

.:it was a nice number:.

.:outside the chalet:.

.:the DSLR photographer =DDDDD:.

.:the normal digital photographer :DDD:.

.:it's was spacious and nice but they should hang some pics on the wall:.

DINNER TIME!!!!! went to eat Yumen right outside the chalet, oh yeah the building it quite new =) oh yeah there's 3 types of mee u can choose for ur dish= mushroom, saseme seed or sumthing n 1 more dah lupa.. sry ^^

.:dinner time:.

.:green tea:
.:mum's dish-wanton:.

.:my dish- i think it was muschroom with chicken thigh?:.

The singapore typical market store- fair price!!
to us, it wasn't fair cuz it's all double the price T_______T

.:DIY highlighted color dye o.O:.

tht's for the night.. well stay tuned for day 2!! be patient!! ^^;