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.:simplicity to extreme is all my style:. *peace*

Sunday, September 7, 2008

.:Life of Musicians:.

shall not be deceived. For they are always busy and poor T_T I just bought my Malaysian Studies textbook that is like almost 2cm thick for only 54rm when I saw my college mate bought a music rhythm reading for like rm50+ and it's barely even 1 cm thick =.=

After having my first week of college over, i just have a bad feeling somehow. Maybe it's stress or just me. Im not really liking my timetable cause someday i have class like from 10-11am while i have to wait for 5 freaking stranded hours for my next class. I dun wanna drive back home though it's just 15 min away, it's wasting my petrol. It's not really a good thing.

All in all, im doing fine.I've met new friends and i heart them.. well i hope they heart me too xD The music lecturers are friendly, funny and helpful, so far lah. Some of the lecturer loves to use music italian terms instead of english when speaking like "Please don't be so fortissimo of your talking when you're waiting outside, there's class going on inside okay? Keep it mezza forte"

Well, that's all for it. A little update to show you im still alive =D


Monday, September 1, 2008

.:The Great Escape-DAY 5:.

[DAY 5]

The last day, finally!! Im keeping this as simple as i can. So yeah, i woke up, packed my stuff , ready to leave!! And my aunt made breakfast for me and my mum.

She made carrot and cheese cake for breakfast!! Talk about yummy-ness!! I was in heaven!! =DDDDDDDDDD
.:carrot for the start!!:.

.:i was in cloud 9.. BUH-LIEVE ME!!:.


Leaving!??? belum lagi! =D Remember i've mention that the place Botanic Garden where my aunt is staying? Yea there is ACTUALLY a garden. It's just 5 min walks away from my aunt's place and practically, it's a ideal place for jogging, getting some fresh air, walking with ur dog and even photography!! =DD

.:loving these flowers:.

.:this tree is damn beautiful!! look the damn branch which stretches so long and low.

.:believe me, this branch can carry 10 person and it wont break!!:.


.:i would certainly love to photograph this place =):.

.:but time is short:.

.:and so i shall leave this a short moment time of this place with smile:.
And off we go, my mum and I bid my uncle a last goodbye who's so generous to drive us to the bus station =) *peace y'all* lolox

.:this is gonna be forever my choice of transport to singapore next time-AEROLINE =D look, lunch!! yummy ^_^:.

.:and this is singapore..:.

.:and that is Malaysia!:.

.:camwhore dedicated to s'pore wtf:.
.:peace to s'pore!=D:.

.:S'pore, we'll visit you once again!!:.


FINALLLYY!!!! =DDDDDD I've been procastinating for the past few weeks and finally this is done lololx XD