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Friday, September 28, 2007

.:Modern and Classy:.

[22907] Saturday night.

Sorry for the late post ==" I take quite alot of time when it comes to posting like events and whatever not. And i still got a buffet lunch event to be posted and that was so long time ago ==" jeeezz...

It was a whole long tiring day where we had to get up and buy flowers and fruits and I even had my dental appointment where my braces was tightened ==" The open house is situated somewhere in Damansara. It's a two-storey bungalow. Eh-hem and if you wish to know the price.. you guessed it. The bungalow was actually cost about rm2.2 million but after my aunt got a consultant to refurnished and renovated her house. BINGO~ we've got RM3.3 MILLION~! It aint a joke. Anyway my pictures will start from the bedrooms first cause i wanna save the best for the last =DD Here we go~

.:A basket filled with rich fruits and beauty-ful flowers:.

We shall start with the master bedroom first. And all i could say was cozy but missing something which i dunno what is it =="

Then there was the bathroom which was linked to the daughter's room. Anyway i couldnt care much because of the JACUZZI!!! weeeeeeeeeee~

Here comes the daughter's room. I liked the idea of the two levels of the ground. It looked modern to me and cool ^___^ This room had nothing much to describe except kiddish room feeling but it dint take long till i screamt...

THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAN CUTE DOG IN THE BATHROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH

Then came with the other sons bedroom. Seriously, my heart immediately sank when i entered this house @@.. whoosh..

.:outside the bedroooms:.
.:then the stairway to downstairs where the fun began!!! >):.

Oh yeah,see that lovely pond underneath the stairs? Man it's was Bloody Beautiful!!!

Jeng, jeng, jeeeennng. Oh yea here comes the modern and classy living room!! Notice that metal structure on the rough dark coloured wall? It's actually a clock. =))

.:The Lounge room/Tv room:.
.: and another door way from the lounge room to the dining room :.
.:The dry kitchen-Goshdammit, I love this place:.
.:The wet kitchen:.

And do you think that was the best part? Think again cause my favourite part of this is the courtyard. A big rectangular fish pond surrounded by peach sand tiles.. whtever you name it. The courtyard is linked with the three doors which are the living room, the dinning room as well as the dry kitchen. Mostly it's like a shortcut and seriously a good place to play hide and seek lolx.

*sigh* They're so LUCKY to live in such beautiful classic house TT lolx. But i heard that maybe I'll always be there when there's any event hahaa.. No more my uncle's two storey terrace house. Now we're upgraded to a bigger one.. HAHHAHHAHAHAHA well,, i just heard =="

.:last glance of the bungalow:.


.:Birthday Cake:.

Ok,, as i've promised everyone that I'll put some pics of my bro's birthday celebration-well, not that kind of celebration which you think that there's tons of people. Just a small one with only my family. My mum bought a small chocolate cake with a sweet lovely-dovey strawberry on top then some nuts for garnish and then that's it. Nothing much. But my mum and i went crazy later.. Dont ask why. We're just nuts. Now let the pics tell you the rest of "my" story. (=


.:ewww,, it's not nice to touch THT to my camera!!:.

.:What are cho chooking atch? never seen me ctaking a scake?:.
Right,,, and this is the "best" part when my mum and i fought for the strawberry!! LOLX.. crazy huh?
.:isit mine? ISIT MINE???:.
I couldnt stop laughing,, i cant act properly. It's too funny.
.:mum-wrong. MINNNNNEEEE!! X):.
Happy Birthday to you BRO!!
-The End *peace*-

Cake anyone~?

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Yay,, finally. The time arrives! IT'S My BROTHER'S BIRTHDAY!!!.. The real brother ok!? LOLX And HAPPY 27TH BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!

ur sista!!!!

Pics will be posted on the next post. =))

Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy 17th Birthday you Kim Foo~~ Weee ^___^ all the best in ur spm and ur future ^^!!!!!!!!!

Best wishes from
me, ashleyC

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

.:NEECHAN ^^:.

Nee chan! This is for you!! Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Muacks Muacks!! Luv ya~ Hope you like the present I've sent to you xDDD

ur imouto~

Saturday, September 8, 2007

.:That's so me:.

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.:Tagged Marathon:.

#01. First tagged By John and Bean. =)

1) Most Female hottie- Pn.Noraini
2) Most Male hottie- Enc.Karim!? ROFL
3) 3 of the Most Trustworthy- eerrr..*sratched head*
4) Best Listener- *scratches head again*
5) Greatest Male Singer- ENC.QALID FROM STAFF ONE OF COURSE!!!
6) Greatest Female Singer- Pn.Noraini - singing Fergilicious LOLX
7) Top 2 Whores- Pn.Noraini(ROFL) and I dunno lolx
Overall winner-Noraini !!

[PART 2]
1) What are you currently thinking of?
Finishing my trials and hang out!!!
2) What kind of clothes are you putting on?
T-shirts and short pants.
3) Who is the last person you chat via msn?
Uncle Dewie & Bean.
4) Did someone manage to influence you nowadays?
5) What have you done just now?
Reading newspaper which stated that the fees, book and even uniforms for every school will be FREE. =="
6) What kind of theory you have just created?
7) Which music score are you learning?
Nothing. Im more to composing on my own =)
8) Do you stay up late nowadays?
Does 2am consider late? X))))) lolx
9) 4 tags to go?
Nah, I'll pass this ques!
10) What's your definate abomination?
RED and SPM!!!

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8) Defintely not shorter than me

This is what my true love will be...NOT! C'mon DO YOU THINK I CAN REALLY GET ONE APART FROM THE LIST ABOVE? even if i do, it doesnt mean that guy will have feelings for me.. so....


dun ask why~ you should ask that yourself and see if you would say these sentence too =)




Thursday, September 6, 2007

.:The hills are alive... with the sound of music..:.

On the 1st of September, I woke up early although I heard my PC playing "Wake Me Up When September Ends".. But I couldn't..It was gonna be a very special day, an event which I never experienced before which was the MYOF aka Malaysian Youth Orchestra Foundation. Took place the prestigious 6-star hotel ,The Palace of the Golden Horses which is just next to The Mines Resort City at Jalan Kuda Emas, Seri Kembangan. Well, I dint just go there by myself. Apparently, Michelle's sis, Poi Yen took part of the event under Grade 8 Piano competition. Oh yea, there were tons of categories - concerto, choir, piano, guitar, violin, woodwind, ensemble but too bad they dint have competitions for electone. Sigh,, oh well. =( I did not have any transport and I heard Poi Yen will be there with her music teacher, Ms.Mah. Eventually, I asked her music teacher for the transport to join Poi Yen. Thanks Ms.Mah!!! =))

Ops, erm btw guys, there weren't many good pics here and some are quite blur cause it was very difficult to grab a pic in a room which is not bright enough and i cant use flash you see,, it disturb the contestant =="

Ok, I dint take much photos though cause the three of us went searching high and low where was the venue of event. Gosh, there's one mistake the event planer did-for not stating the exact venue of the event. But of course, we managed to find it.

The lobby-very spacious and decorative ^^Like I said, the name of the hotel says it all [Palace of the Golden Horses]

When we reached to the place, there was only one word to describe-crowded.

We were quite late because of that long queue and I regret I did not book the tickets earlier T__T lolx. So Poi Yen's performance will be starting at 1.10pm the first contestant after a short break at the Conference 2 room, under the category of Grade 8 Piano Solo. When we went inside the room, the first contestant had already begun. Well at first it was under the category of Diploma Piano Solo and whaddaya know? That first contestant that we saw when we came in(first pic below) won the first place. *claps* He was good xDD.. here are the pics..(sorry, it's blur i know!)
Poi Yen's teacher's friend lolx. Her piece was from Franz Listz under the category of Diploma Piano. It was enjoyable ^___^ really it is..

We cam whore a lil to calm Poi Yen down haha.. Outside of the room.Before the short break, we managed to sneak to other rooms to watch like the Ensemble. Inside we got to watch a duet with one playing the piano and the other was the clarinet. Yet, i pity the girl who played the clarinet cuz it sounded like she forgot the score.. Poor girl~
Right after their performance, we quickly marched to another room which was the Auditorium where the Concerto category were going on. OH yeah, the auditorium. You guessed it. A Big hall. lolx But initially, you have to wait for the every competitors to finish its piece before you can enter or exit the room. Meanwhile when we were all waiting outside, practically I was just snatching my camera quickly from my bag and grabbed as many pics as I could.

Behind the Big Hall. Love the art of the doors and the pillars too xD It's lovely.

Then into the big hall.. *drums roll*...

WEEEE~~~ Fortunately, I finally get to meet NG CHONG LIM =DD ahaha,, I played his pieces before.. it's so nice ^___^. Here was one concerto with him(left) and Dana Alexander(right)[i must say, he's quite cute xDDDDDDD, whtever~!!] playing a piece by Sergei Rachmaninoff-2nd Concerto For Piano Op. 18, 1st Movement.
It's lunch time yes. We head to a buffet at the hotel with the cost of 48rm each. Not bad though~ @@
A harmony view by the window
Runway hall~
Right one floor under, we had our lunch there. Just in time, we managed to get our seats before more people were coming down to get seats.

Seriously, I don't know write much about the food. At first, I started off with some fried rice and along with a crab stick, dumplings, and the long bundle whtever it is @@ and a cookie yes~ It was... kinda..okay for me.. except for the rice which was slightly cold. But it was still satisfying for me~

While Poi Yen filled her empty plate with fried rice too, crab stick, tofu and others which obviously I forgot what was it called @@.

Desserts? Oh yeah baby, the pic you see below was my plate which was loaded with chocolate cookies[yup that's mua favourite], and then some cheese choc cake [i think again] and another choc cookies with some nuts on top.. dun mind me. I suck at describing the food~~ *bangs head on the wall*
After that, Poi Yen finally got changed and dressed up with a little a help from me before the next category starts xDD
Poi Yen was the lucky number one contestant and her piece was no other than from Chopin xDD - Deux Nocturne Op 55 no.1.
In the end of the competition, Poi Yen dint get to win unfortunately=( Maybe she was nervous I supposed. But even so, it was just the beginning for Poi Yen and getting experience =D
This man was making a small speech to congrats every contestant for this and that..after the category ended.

And the prize giving session~

HOWEVER, I was very amazed during the prize giving session. A kid who was on the same category with Poi Yen , AND HE GOT THE SECOND PRIZE!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY @!*% and he was only wht? 8!!!??? Man, my mouth was really wide opened. I couldnt believe that so many contestant had lost to a 8 years old kid who got second. But the first was someone else who I forgot again cuz i was too focused on the little kid. * salute * seriously, 8 years old in a Grade 8 Piano Solo? You're sick man@__@~!!!


In the meantime, a tragedy happened at one room which was the Majestic 3 room. The first contestant was playing her piece when all of the sudden, an awkward sound was heard from a boy behind. Obviously, everyone turned back to look what happened. The boy actually fainted [i think, cuz i dunno what really happened to him] after his was making a awful sound as if he was gonna puke but it turned it was something far worse. Some said he was sprain at somewhere his neck and some said he had fixed. @@ but I was scared at that time cuz the sound made me almost thought he died [ JUST AN REACTION!!! ] but I hope he was okay right now. *prays*

Last but not least, well I did manage to get to see Bobby Chen weee~~=DD I'd got nothing much to tell actually =="


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