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Sunday, November 16, 2008

.:Cross Your Fingers:.

Mood ::Tired
Weather ::Dark
Time ::10.21
Listening to ::Troika-Balalaika

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i need to study cuz


Wish me luck again!! ;D

Take care, peeps

P/s* i look really auntie fromthe last post of the pics =.= 
      * i am so looking forward for my first sem to end T_T 
      * HOLIDAYS T_T cant wait!!!

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

.:Fairy Tale Days:.

Mood ::Lazy ( I got a music improvisation to write down in a manuscript.. fark)
Weather ::Fine
Time ::1.34pm
Listening to ::One step at the time by Jordin Sparks.

Hey there peeps, im doing fine. I just got back from my cello class and now i left one tiring work to do-my contemporary piano work!!! Dang, i have to transcript a piece of Autumn Leaves in A minor to G minor and i have to add a solo part about 2 manuscript page and i havent started a single thing. MUAHAHAHAH!!! Well, actually the first part is just transposing saje , no biggie but the solo part is what im biting about. Dont get me wrong, i love improvisation but i hate writting it down only cuz it's so complicated haha when i have an idea and played it so fun but it frustrates mewhen writting it down cuz it eats up my time and fast!!!

Ah crap im finally gonna get my butt toasted for my piano work after this updates!! Yes, these pics below are quite long ago. I was just too busy to upload them cuz i was frankly very very very tired back then X.X hahhaa it's a cap-plang post ehhee

This was taken two weeks ago when all the music students were doing a choir concert =)

.:i know i know i know i look so aunty here =.= cuz i was sweating like mad and the heavy rain outside ruined my hair =.= but enough of tht crap, the focus is on the guy on the white shirt =) Yea he's Mr.Vincent and he's our choir instructor.=D He has very very nice tenor voice:.

Yes, i wouldnt know if he's our instructor cuz he look just like any ordinary uni student lolx.

.:ACQ-me ( aunty T^T ), chin ni , quek:.

I look horrible with specs on @.@ gah!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, my best restaurant to actually sit back and relax is Free and Easy. Well the name says it all. First of all, it's located outside the UCSIU (UCSI University that is) , along the shoplots where u have to look out for the signboard with its name and f
inished with a black color background. It's on the 2nd floor. The shops requires you to shoo your shoes off =) and once you see the black paintings on the wall with many writings almost all kinds of message, you know u're at the right place =) Flipped the door open and you'll be greeted more of it not only the cute black japanese tables but especially the black wall contaminated with correction pen with tons of messages you can think about and not one space is left with mercy. NONE!!! =D The food is simply delicious. No gov or service tax is charged, the best part i guess!! ^_^

.:ACQ-ashley, chin ni, quek [designed by quuuuuuueeek] lolx:.
.:Dominos ACQ:.
.:QUEK me lurve you!!:..:MUAXXX chin ni!!! =S:.

.:the crapy crazy ppl:.

I hope u guys dun mind my low quality hand phone camera lolx the place is quite dim btw ^^;

SO how are you guys out there???
Feeling complex??

Don't worry, just sit back and relax and have a cup of latte or come to Free and Easy!!!!=D

What the heck, im promoting X)!!!

See you next time!!!

Damn, piano work now T________T!!!!!

Oh anyway, happy belated halloween!! heheehee Did u guys make it to scared off people? xD

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